Hi there, Oscar here. Let me pen down a few words about who I am and introduce myself to you online… For now that is. Hopefully, we’ll meet in person in the near future.

I was raised in the international and open minded city of Amsterdam, yet had quite the Anglo-Irish upbringing thanks to my father being Irish and my mother English.

After completing my high school education at the Vossius Gymnasium of Amsterdam, I took a gap year to ponder where I wanted to study, work on submissions necessary to get into said universities and freelance as filmmaker.

I ended up securing places at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Ringling College of Art and Design, receiving a Dean scholarship for the latter, in fact.

As honoured as I was with getting into two top 25 ranking film schools of the US.,  I decided I would not be able to become the filmmaker I set out to be through a formal education and declined both offers.

So I took another gap year. And another one after that. And a couple more thereafter. I’ll probably still be counting them when I’m 80.

I’d classify myself, though self taught, as a theoretical director… The reason? Well, even though I’m fairly technical, my stuff tends to be pretty visually striking and I try to put the talents performance first,  I do my utmost to make sure that no aspect of the piece is random and no decision is made without reason.

This means that I put symbolism above VFX, that I’d rather have great writing than great lighting and that I value auteur cinema over the alternatives.

As a cinematographer I’m pretty much up for everything. I’m big on singling out the subject, shooting with a wide variety of vocal lengths and getting in a lot of low angles.

I’ve mostly written shorts, but have finished one feature script. My material is very dialogue heavy which has led me to dabble in dialogue correction.

Enough chitchat for now. I could ramble on and on for a few pages more but it wouldn’t, and shouldn’t matter, because really the only thing that matters is where it’s at.